Defining the Needs

Music programs evolve to stay relevant. While there are traditions to be honored, current expectations must be met. And you also have to anticipate tomorrow's educational and musical directions. Do you need assistance identifying which of the newer instruments and products would best meet your program's requirements? Yamaha can help. In addition to creating dynamic new instruments, we also have a large family of subject matter experts - musicians and educators - who can collaborate with your team to develop the best plan for you.

Developing a Fundraising Strategy

Communicating your vision clearly is key to effective fundraising. Whether you are raising funds for a piano - or completely transforming your music program to empower the musical and personal growth of your students - Yamaha has resources to help you craft your fundraising mission statement in ways that can speak to your diverse pool of potential donors - and inspire them to support your plan.

Engaging Yamaha’s Resources

Partnering with Yamaha provides unique opportunities to engage your potential supporters. A private concert by one of our renowned classical pianists - playing the concert grand you envision on your stage. An interactive, long distance performance by a contemporary innovator at your next gala - leveraging one of the music technologies you'd like to acquire to educate your students. Seeing - and hearing - is believing! Let Yamaha's resources of artists and instruments make believers out of your potential donors.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities with one of our development resources?