How do you attract the best students and faculty? Provide them the best pianos and keyboards.

Music Education has long been at the heart and soul of Yamaha. Our tradition of innovation helps to keep Yamaha at the forefront of music and technology so that we can contribute to the success of your institution. Partnering with Yamaha brings a wide variety of resources, such as live concert broadcasts, long distance master classes, fundraising concerts performed by world-class artists and even technical services. From a student’s first Music Theory 101 class to playing a senior recital in the concert hall - we have a solution.

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Craftsmanship and Creativity for Your Institution

Stage and Performance Options

Hand-crafted pianos - like Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer - to capture the hearts of your students and faculty.

Teacher's Studio

Pianos, keyboards and educational tools will support and inspire your students.

Distance Learning Center

Connecting students and faculty from around the globe using the latest in technology.


Top-notch quality, yet cost-effective instruments for day-to-day instruction.

Practice Room

One minute of performance requires several hours of practicing. Provide your students with the right pianos for their practice needs.

Music Labs

The perfect suite of keyboards and technology for collaborative learning serving both novice and advanced students.

Recording Studio

Musicians want their instrument to perfectly capture their work. That's one reason why the Yamaha C7 is perhaps the most recorded piano in history.

Music and Wellness

Keyboards and features to enable everyone to participate in the act of music-making.

General Music Applications

Acoustic and digital instruments offer unprecedented opportunities for the next generation of music students and educators.

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