Dealers and Yamaha Managers Tour Bösendorfer Vienna Factory

A select group of Bösendorfer dealers joined members of the Yamaha management team for a tour of the Bösendorfer factory in Wiener Neustadt, just south of Vienna, where they experienced the company’s craftsmanship first-hand.

In addition to the factory tour, where guests watched 280VC and 214VC pianos being made by hand, highlights of the trip included sightseeing around Vienna, visiting MozartHaus, Bösendorfer Hall and listening to a performance and presentation about the Viennese Sound by Van Cliburn winner and esteemed professor, Jan Jiracek von Arnim. The group also attended the finals of the 15th International Beethoven Competition.

“During this three-day trip, we all gained a much richer, deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bösendorfer legacy, which consists of unmatched craftsmanship and signature Viennese sound quality,” said Dan Rodowicz, national sales manager for the Institutional Solutions Group at Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA). “Of particular interest was learning about the latest developments in constructing the 280VC and 214VC pianos.”

The Bösendorfer 280VC is the result of a comprehensive multi-year development program, representing Bösendorfer’s pursuit of perfection in every detail of the piano.   The Bösendorfer 214VC parallels the successful 280VC in its expressive and dynamic range, allowing musicians to enjoy the distinctive Bösendorfer Vienna Concert sound in a smaller instrument.

Ben Klinger, sales manager at Classic Pianos Seattle found the visit to be transformative. “Seeing the piano through the lenses of rich Viennese culture and history is a necessity to fully appreciate it. Vienna is all about music, and Bösendorfer is the perfect embodiment of this. Hearing the 280VC in Vienna at Musikverein during the Beethoven Competition Finals sealed the deal for me. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to represent these pianos. The level of detail, care and even (dare I say) love during the manufacturing process are unparalleled.”

Hale Thomas Ryan, director of marketing and sales at Metroplex Piano of Dallas, Texas has spent significant time in many piano factories, and was most impressed with the feeling of being in a workshop rather than a factory. “The average tenure of the craftsmen is without equal and their obvious dedication and passion was infectious. It was gratifying seeing skills being passed on from generation to generation to continue the Bösendorfer legacy of excellence.”

Tony Falcetti, co-owner of Falcetti Pianos in Natick, Massachusetts agreed. “After visiting the Bösendorfer Factory there is no doubt in my mind they make some of the world’s finest pianos, and that the employees’ attitude and dedication is unmatched in the industry.” he says. “Anybody who has the opportunity to visit the factory will want to own a Bösendorfer Piano in their lifetime. We feel very fortunate at Falcetti Pianos to be a Bösendorfer dealer, even more so after visiting the factory. The marriage of Yamaha and Bösendorfer in 2008 will go down as one of the most important business decisions both companies have ever made.”rsz 1bosendorfer